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Executive Chef

Hussein Rahal (Chef Ray)

The hospitality industry is everything to me. I cook because it brings me happiness. I believe in the power of food and how it brings people and communities together. Since I was young growing up in Dearborn, MI. I have had a deep passion for what I do. I would always follow my mother around the kitchen and help in every way possible. From there she taught me a lot about traditional cooking at a very young age. It was also a tradition in my family to sit around the dinner table together, share stories and have a great time. Growing up I’ve always knew that I wanted to become a chef and an inspiration to others within my industry.

I earned my culinary degree from HFC and then moved on to earn my Bachelors from Eastern Michigan University, focusing on hotel restaurant management. I worked in various culinary positions, everything from fine dining, to fast casual, private dining and banquet service as well. I worked with Delaware North’s Tigers club Detroit, Landry’s restaurants, Edgewood’s private Country club, Express seafood and Afor, I later decided to start my own journey with one of the most unique brands in town. Joining SoHo Grand Banquet as it’s executive chef is a dream come true for me. Our SoHo Grand leadership team is poised to provide exceptional experience for all guests. We pride ourselves in being detail oriented, professional, welcoming and being your co-host to make all your events a success.



Moe Sohoubah

Moe is a graduate of Wayne State University School of Pharmacy class of 1998.  He rose through the corporate ranks at CVS Pharmacy and managed several locations for the company.  A people person with love of bringing ideas into reality, he left CVS and started his pharmacy franchise which currently operates 22 locations.

Throughout his career as pharmacist and business specialist, he became well versed in business development, management, operations and real estate development. SoHo Grand Banquet was envisioned by Moe in early 2015.  He believed that the community was ready for something new, bold, well operated and professionally managed.  After 5 years in the making from concept to project delivery, SoHo Grand had it’s first 20 events and the results are absolutely phenomenal.  With over 100 events booked for 2023 and early 2024, the SoHo Grand team is super excited to take part in the celebrations of hundreds of people in the coming years!